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Orits Williki: The Nigerian Copyright Act Requires Proper Administration

Nigeria’s creative industries are capable of generating billions annually, granted that the proper administration, swift implementation and strict adherence to intellectual property rights are in position. This vast source of revenue remains unexploited by the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), which is failing to effectively perform its role, according to a submission made by chairman of … Continue reading

Enhancing Access to Research: Technology Transfer Offices to be Linked to Nigerian Libraries

Dr. Umar Bindir, Director General of the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), recently disclosed plans to link all Intellectual Property Technology Transfer Offices (IPTTOs) in Nigeria to the public libraries.  Bindir explained: “Libraries must have access to not only the pool of research results but also that of patents, trademarks and designs. … Continue reading

Oxfam: US Trade Policy is Undermining Access to Lifesaving Generic Medicine

Via trade agreements and bilateral pressure, the U.S government is introducing stricter intellectual property rules that will devastate the ability of developing countries to access affordable antiretroviral medicine, thus undermining its commitment to combat AIDS, according to international agency Oxfam. Dr. Mohga Kamal-Yanni, senior health advisor for Oxfam contended, “Under the influence of the multinational … Continue reading

The Copyright Society of Nigeria Pens Landmark Licensing Agreement with MultiChoice Nigeria

An effort to facilitate the advancement of the Nigerian entertainment industry concluded with MultiChoice Nigeria, the nation’s primary pay-television multi-platform operator, signing a landmark Music Broadcasting License Agreement with the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), for a license to utilize Nigerian music in its broadcast platforms around the nation.  MultiChoice Nigeria voluntarily undertook the endeavor, … Continue reading

No Protection for International Works Under Nigeria’s Copyright Act?: The NCC Clears the Ambiguity

The Nigerian Copyright Commission (the “Commission”) issued a public notice in the wake of the Court of Appeal’s (Lagos Division) rendering in Microsoft Corporation v. Franike Associates Ltd., which suggested that copyrights in works of U.S origin are unprotected under the Nigerian Copyright Act (the “Act”). In Microsoft Corporation v. Franike Associates Ltd., Microsoft sued … Continue reading

Pirates of the Digital Sphere: Nigeria’s Move to Stifle Piracy

Nigeria’s vast creative industry extends beyond the realm of the Nollywood film industry and into music, publishing and media broadcasting.  According to preliminary data, Nigeria’s copyright-based industries contribute as much as 1.2 trillion naira (US$7.5 billion) annually to the Nigerian economy. Much growth potential in the creative industries is stifled by piracy. Given the economic … Continue reading

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