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Lucky Number 17?: Russia’s 16th Consecutive Year on the U.S Copyright “Watch List”

For its 16th consecutive year, Russia was named in the U.S copyright top priority “watch list”, according to a record kept by the International Intellectual Property Alliance. India, China, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand and Canada too were among the countries perceived by the U.S to be failing to amend its copyright laws. The annual report released … Continue reading

Give Peace a Chance: First India-Pakistan Summit on Social Media Looks Promising

India and Pakistan, the sub-continent’s most famously turbulent nation-siblings, seem to have called a truce to see eye-to-eye on at least one issue: using social media to promote youth engagement and leadership in their respective socio-cultural, economic and political policies. The first Pakistan-India Social Media Mela, to be held in Karachi on July 13-14, 2012 … Continue reading

India’s Incredible Approach to Compulsory Licensing

In March 2012, the Indian Patent Office made waves in the seas of international patent law, by slashing the domestic prices of the cancer-treatment drug Nexavar, and by issuing the country’s first ever compulsory license to a local company to produce a generic version of the drug for the Indian market. The move has been … Continue reading

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