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Brazil Amongst Nine South American Countries to Sign PROSUR Collaborative Agreement

An endeavor to bolster services to local and international users of the intellectual property system has culminated with nine South American countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname and Uruguay – signing a cooperation agreement called PROSUR.  The collaborative initiative is primarily oriented towards promoting the utilization of the industrial property system … Continue reading

Lucky Number 17?: Russia’s 16th Consecutive Year on the U.S Copyright “Watch List”

For its 16th consecutive year, Russia was named in the U.S copyright top priority “watch list”, according to a record kept by the International Intellectual Property Alliance. India, China, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand and Canada too were among the countries perceived by the U.S to be failing to amend its copyright laws. The annual report released … Continue reading

Is the Giant Poem a Giant Ode to the Oceans of Collective Authorship?

The 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 20-22 came and went with the hot summer winds of June, leaving behind, among many other things, 720 voluntary commitments to promote sustainable development in all regions of the world, extremely dissatisfied women’s rights activists, and further plans … Continue reading

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